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Some Indian Butterflies
Amber Habib

Most of the photographs below have been taken starting in December 2000. They have been divided into galleries. Click on the text or the thumbnails to go to one of them.

Pictures of Pioneer (eggs, caterpillars and pupa), Common Silverline, and caterpillars of Common Lime, Plain Tiger and Common Castor uploaded during September 30 to October 9, 2003. The unidentified butterflies from Shimla remain unidentified. Coming Soon: Lots of Orange-Tips.

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Common Jay Swallowtails

Lime Butterfly, Common Mormon, Common Rose, Crimson Rose, Common Jay

Crimson Rose

Pioneer Whites and Yellows

Large Cabbage White, Psyche, Pioneer, Common Gull, Yellow Orange Tip, White Orange Tip, Crimson Tip, Common Wanderer, Common Emigrant, Mottled Emigrant, Common Grass Yellow, Three-spot Grass Yellow, Spotless Grass Yellow

Common Grass Yellow

Blue Tiger Brush-footed Butterflies - I

Common Crow, Plain Tiger, Striped Tiger, Blue Tiger, Dark Blue Tiger, Glassy Tiger

Striped Tigers
Photo by Abha

Common Four-ring
Photo by Abha
Brush-footed Butterflies - II

Common Bushbrown, Whitebar Bushbrown, Common Four-ring, Common Evening Brown, Common Palmfly, Tawny Coster

Tawny Coster

Blue Pansy
Photo by Abha
Brush-footed Butterflies - III

Lemon Pansy, Yellow Pansy, Chocolate Pansy, Blue Pansy, Peacock Pansy, Painted Lady, Indian Red Admiral, Indian Tortoiseshell, Common Sailor, Common Leopard, Danaid Eggfly, Great Eggfly, Common Castor, Common Baron, Baronet

Painted Lady
Photo by Abha

Sorrel Sapphire Blues

Small Copper, Sorrel Sapphire, Common Silverline, Common Cerulean, Tiny Grass Blue, Dark Grass Blue, Pale Grass Blue, Grass Jewel, Common Pierrot, Rounded Pierrot, Zebra Blue, Gram Blue, Forget-me-not

Common Silverline

Photo by Abha
Skippers and Unidentified Caterpillars

Common Redeye, Common Banded Awl

Common Redeye

Inchworm Moth Moths

Death's Head Hawk-Moth, Oleander Hawk-Moth, Inchworm Moth, Owlet Moth

Oleander Hawk-Moth

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