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Amber Habib

Delhi, March 3, 2003: The first Lime butterfly of the season. Flew low over a flower bed, then sat on the ground briefly, with folded wings, before flying off on my apparoach. Very fresh. Vibrated wings briefly before taking off.

Delhi, March 15, 2003: A Common Jay flying around a Mast Tree. A Common Castor flying unusually high at about 20 feet - recognized from the dark colour, wing shape, and flight (like a windblown leaf). Delhi, March 18, 2003: The first Plain Tiger of spring. At home - on a climber with small white bunched flowers that are very popular with bees and bumblebees, two unidentified skippers. And a brief but exciting visit by a Hawkmoth which hovered before these flowers. My first reaction was - Hummingbird - before I recollected I was not in America. It was green with a pink band around the abdomen. I managed to take a photo and hope it is decent enough for an identification. Delhi, March 19, 2003: Large Cabbage Whites are at last here. Common Jays are now very common.