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Butterfly Journal
July and August 2003
Amber Habib

Common Rose

Crimson Rose

Common Lime

Common Mormon

Common Jay

White Orange Tip

Yellow Orange Tip


Common Emigrant

Mottled Emigrant

Plain Tiger

Striped Tiger

Blue Pansy

Delhi, July: Rains in the first week of July lowered the temperature consderably. Immediately after the rains, there was a boom in butterfly populations, though not to the same levels as in early Winter or Spring. The most common butterflies were Lime, Common Mormon, Emigrants, White and Yellow Orange-Tips, Pioneer, Common Grass Yellow, Plain Tiger. Less often seen were Common Jay, Striped Tiger, Leopard, Blue Pansy, Yellow Pansy, Lemon Pansy, Peacock Pansy. In the second half of the month, Common Crows were seen in the University.

Delhi, August: Common Crows became quite common in the University, and I also saw them in Gurgaon. But not in Model Town! Common Jay also increased in number.