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A tabulated list of the birds I have seen in India, and the places where I have seen them. (At present the species list is complete, but the place lists are not. I have to locate my notes for 1984-87.) The entries are linked to further information and photographs. The codes used in the tables are explained below.

IGrebes to Spoonbill
IIGeese to Raptors
IIIPartridges to Plovers
IVSandpipers to Skimmer
VSandgrouse to Kingfishers
VIBee-eaters to Swallows
VIIShrikes to Crows
VIIIWood-Shrike to Flycatchers
IXWarblers to Chats
XRobin to White-eye
XISparrows to Buntings

The numbers in parenthesis are from Ali and Ripley (Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent). If a name is included in smaller font, it is the new "common name" proposed by Inskipp, Inskipp and Grimmett (Birds of the Indian Subcontinent). The list of places where I have seen the bird follows the parenthesis and uses the following code:
Alg = Aligarh Abd = Allahabad Bng = Bangalore Del = Delhi
Kas = Kashmir Knp = Kanpur Mys = Mysore
There is a colour coding for the season in which the birds were seen, which is illustrated below:
X = All year X = Winter X = Summer
If a bird was seen very infrequently in a place (atmost once or twice a year), this is marked by a *, colour-coded as above. (e.g. * for the Verditer Flycatcher in Allahabad). *s have been allotted only when I have lived in a place for a year or more and been reasonably active in birding there (hence only for Aligarh, Allahabad and Kanpur). An associated remark is that these are also the places for which the colour-coding is most meaningful. For others it merely reflects the season in which I was there.

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